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New Work!

Christina HarmonComment

I'm finally getting around to photographing the new work I've completed for the shop this summer!  I'm looking forward to getting some new items up on the site by the end of this week.  

I have been trying to branch out and do more multi-stone pendants and add in more beaded items.  I started with beads, and they have always been my first love...and I feel like my vision is coming back to a place where the beads meet the metalwork.  

This piece, is a stunning example of Congo Malachite!  The stone was hand-cut by an artisan lapidary and she captured the fantastic natural pattern of the stone.  I absolutely love this piece!  I really wrestled with adding a beaded necklace to the pendant, but the stone is so stunning and beautiful all it's own, I didn't want to detract from it's natural appeal.  



It's been a busy year so far!

Christina Harmon

I am admittedly not very good at blogging.   I will be the first to say that!  With creating new jewelry, listing items, and spending time with my family, I tend to forget to come back and write things down.

This year has been no exception so far...but I'm working on it. :)  I am constantly working on new things, and I absolutely love the growth that is occurring in the studio.  I'm also tremendously grateful for my customers, and lately, I've been doing a lot of custom work that hasn't made it onto the website. 

Since this weekend is the Gemfaire, I always get more inspired after spending some time at the show.  Seeing what is new and out there always gets the creative juices flowing, and I picked up a few new goodies to add to the shop. the coming months, look for some amazing lapis beaded pieces, gorgeous tigereye, malachite and some fun turquoise.  I am heading back to the show later today to scope out some additional items, and hope to have some time in the shop tonight to start creating.  

In addition...I just added some new items today...including a really beautiful howlite and black onyx necklace, amethyst earrings with tourmaline drops and a fun and quirky trilobite ring.  

As always, thank you to my loyal customers!  You keep me motivated, inspired and focused on continuing to create!

New Products in the Works!

Christina Harmon

I feel like I'm always working on something new, and I love to share!  It seems like I'm the most content when I'm challenging myself and branching out into new techniques and incorporating new ideas. 

Because of this desire to try something new, I have started incorporating leather tooling into my work. 

I have always been fascinated by the skill it takes to work with leather.  My mom did some leather tooling years ago when I was a kid, and I loved to watch her work.  Over this past winter, I happened to be walking through Hobby Lobby, and noticed their leather working section...and I thought "why not".

So...I'm excited to share some of my newest leather works.  I am finding that the marriage of leather and silver is a great combination, and the ideas are flowing like crazy!  I hope to have the new leather line up later this year...and it is guaranteed to be exciting! 

Never fear, I'm not abandoning my traditional sterling and gemstone lines...just adding something unique and fun into the mix!

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