Chrissi Harmon Jewelry

Contemporary Jewelry Design

The only way to do great work is to love what you do
— Steve Jobs

The Idea

I love creating beautiful things!  It feeds my soul, and makes me happy. 

My mind is always thinking, seeing and wondering about new ideas, designs and what could be. Usually, most of my jewelry ideas start with the focal stone, or unique item, and the ideas blossom from there.  Sometimes, the inspiration comes from something I see in nature, or an architectural sight that strikes me as unusual or unique.  I never know!  I keep a sketchbook handy for such times when that random  idea comes I can create an interesting piece of wearable art.  

Style & Quality

Clean lines and a contemporary feel is the basis of my style.  I am most drawn to a clean, elegant look, but will sometimes throw in something new and more elaborate.

Currently, I have started incorporating leather work into my jewelry line.  I use recycled leather whenever possible, or leather that is sourced from a reputable North American tannery that is committed to quality and ethical practices.

I am 100% committed to providing the best quality I can find for the most affordable cost.  I source my gemstones from local lapidary artists whenever possible...and all diamonds are sourced from conflict-free mines and only reputable sellers.  

By using local lapidary artists, you are assured that not only the metalwork is artistic, but so are the stones. 


100% Handmade

I use traditional metalworking techniques in all my jewelry designs.  I work hard to bring the quality and craftsmanship to my jewelry as possible.  

I work on a limited number of pieces at a time, so I can focus on making each piece of jewelry special and unique.  

All jewelry listed is made by my own two hands only, in my own studio, giving you a 100% handmade and individual piece of jewelry made using time honored techniques.